Who we are


It all started at the university where we realized how great we are as a team. We complete each other, everyone is strong in different things. During all the work we did together to have our degree, we became friends. We supported each other after and we were there for each other for the big moments: wedding, first child, birthday or smaller moments like Christmas crumbs parties 🙂

Meanwhile all of us was working at a multinational company and we shared the desire to build something on our own. So once when we had our regular coffee and everybody was renovating the house, starting to build a house or searching for decoration for the second child’s room, Trickea’s idea was born. We always choose IKEA’s furniture because we prefer the clean and affordable design but we missed the personal touch. When we were searching for solutions how to make it unique, the variety was poor. So we wanted to change that.  

Our goal is to offer such solutions which allow to add the personal touch to our home without spending a furtune on it. Hence we will be able to create a home which fits the most to our lifestyle and personality. The mission is to personalize either your new or old furniture on a reasonable budget with unique, handmade design items.