When designing the products, we were calculating with the sizes of the IKEA furnitures. This means, that the screw we provide will fit to a 16-21 mm thick front. So in case your furniture is not from IKEA, but has the same sizes, the handles will perfectly fit. However if your furniture is a different size, you have to get a screw that fits your front’s thickness. This means, if you get a screw with the right length, you can install the handles on any furniture.

Use warm water and mild soap to wipe the handles clean, and let them air dry. You can use leather care products as well, but make sure to try them on a non-visible area first! Do not shower them for long to avoid drying out. One of the leather’s attribution is that it will get darker by time, but this will give it just more patina.

Chemical-free cleaning is recommended with dry or slightly wet wipe. Avoid contact with grease or water, because it can damage the material on a long-term.

Chemical-free cleaning is recommended with a slightly wet wipe.

The handles are originally designed for indoor furniture, so the quality can only be guaranteed when used indoor.

Stickers are suitable for outdoor usage, however, due to UV radiation, the colours will fade by time. The quality and lifetime we guarantee is when used indoors.

The best surface to stick our stickers is when it’s totally flat, dry and clean. Any other surface, that is rough, porous or dirty, will probably not let the sticker stick properly. Therefore, the surface must be cleaned throughoutly before you stick it on. This means, on brick wall or tiles we do not guarantee the durability of the stickers.

We try to provide as much information and help to the installation as possible. You can find the instructions in the product description. However, we can not help you with the installation in your home, in person.

The distance between the holes is 95 mm. This is measured from the middle of one hole to the middle of the other.

The distance between the holes is 13,5 cm. This is measured from the middle of one hole to the middle of the other. We suggest however that the distance drilled on the front should be smaller, so that you can easily grab the handle. Our suggestion is 12 cm, but this may differ depending on your taste.

We are opened for every idea and query, so if you have a concrete notion, we are willing to help you! However, please note that below certain quantity, it is not remunerative; individual production always comes with higher costs and takes more time.

You can change it until you get a notification that we shipped your order. Once we shipped it (you will be notified about that), there is no possibility to change the shipping address.

You can pay with credit/debit card, or you can transfer money to the following bank account: 11709002-25966220
When transfering money, please provide the following data:
Name: Trickea Hungary Kft.
Name of the bank: OTP Bank
Please indicate the order number!

So far we only funcion as a webshop, so there is no possibility to shop the products in-store.

As long as your order is not processed, you may delete it by e-mailing us at

So far you can only order via our webshop. You can however meet us at different fairs and markets, where you can check the products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we share these events, or e-mail us about upcoming dates.

We will notify you via email about the completion of your order and about shipping as well. Your package will arrive in 4-5 working days from receiving the notification.

You can only pay with credit/debit card or money transfer. There is no possibility for C.O.D.

In case you e-mail us before your order is completed, we get in touch with you and will transfer your money back to your bank account.

We will notify you via email about the completion of your order and about shipping as well. This takes usually one week.

In this case the warranty instructions stated in the Terms&Conditions are followed. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible on this e-mail address:

The delivery fee is added to your order, which you will see before payment.

Yes, we can ship worldwide, but this will take longer and means extra fees. Please contact us at

You can get in touch with us on Facebook or via e-mail ( We are happy to answer any questions. link

We are not a distributor for IKEA, so you can only purchase the goods that are found in our webshop.

Our concept is to personalise your favourite IKEA furniture with our handles and stickers. There are many households with IKEA furniture, but they all look the same. When designing the products, we wanted a solution for those, who would like to have unique, designer pieces, but don’t want to buy new furnitures for that. With our solutions, you don’t only save money but you save your environment too.

We are happy to cooperate with businesses! Please send us an introduction about youself to, together with your contact details, and we will get in touch with you very soon!