Brass round handle

 5,85 /pcs

Round shaped handle made of brass. We know exactly that neutral basics are timeless, this is why we love so much this handle. The shape is simple, but the material will make it stylish, besides, it’s durable. Thanks to the surface treatment, it’s steam-resistant, which means it’s not likely to oxidize.
Thanks to the simple shape, it looks good in almost every interior, but our recommendation would be classic or MCM (mid-century modern) homes.

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Chemical-free cleaning is recommended with dry or slightly wet wipe.

How to install

The hole drilled on the furniture should be 4 – 4,5 mm. The screw provided by us is 25 mm long, which will fit a 18-22 mm thick front.
If your front is thicker or thinner, you will need a 4 mm diameter screw with the right length. Place the handle to the (outside) hole on the front, then carefully twist the screw from the inside of the front, until the handle perfectly lays on the front of your furniture.
Advise: we recommend to use a manual screwdriver. In case you would like to use electronic screwdriver, we still recommend to use manual tool on the last few millimeters, to prevent tension in the handle.


Width: 25 mm

Height: 20 mm