Porcelain handle – bear

 9,66 /pcs

If you are looking for premium accessories for your furniture, our porcelain handles are the answer for that! Porcelain, once also called as ‘white gold’, is a really massive and resistant material, so it is not as fragile as you might think.

They are the outcome of a detailed design, when ergonomic usage and aesthetic look was considered as well. The animal patterns were inspired by children’s drawings; we were trying to reproduce their imagination. Thanks to the hollow shaped on the side, they are easy to grab for children and grown-ups as well.

These handles were designed and produced by the artist Erika Sütő.


Use a wet wipe to clean it gently. No need to use any chemicals.

How to install

A 4-4,5 mm wide hole should be drilled in the furniture. Our screw is compatible with 16-21 mm thick front. If your front is a different size, you have to choose a screw with 4 mm diagonal, in a length that fits your front. Place the handle to the hole in the front, and twist the screw from the back.


Length x width: 53 x 38 mm

Thickness: 30 mm