Rabbit furniture- and wall sticker A4

 10,06 /pcs

Our stickers are designed by graphic artists, and they are perfect to easily decorate your home, making it stylish & unique. It’s easy to stick them both on furnitures and wall as well.

Cute little bunny under the clouds. It’s having fun on it’s own as well, but you can add it’s friends too: the fox and the bear.

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How to install

The sticker can only be installed to a smooth, clean surface. This means, it won’t perfectly stick to eg. brick wall or sawdust wallpaper. However, it will perfectly stick to a regular wallpaper. Firstly make sure, the surface is perfectly cleaned from dust. To ensure this, wipe the wall or furniture with a dry towel.

Some of our sticers are printed on transparent material. We suggest to stick these on white surface. If the surface is a different colour then it may have an inpact on the original colours of the sticker.

The sticker has three parts: carrier, sticker and transmitting foil. The transmitting foil helps to stick the sticker smooth, without scratches or wrinkles.

So now let’s see how to stick, step by step:

1. Firstly the surface you want to stick on, should be cleaned from dust or grease.

2. Slick the sticker firmly and strong, which will make it easier to separate it from the carrier.

3. Position the sticker to the surface and fix the top with a painter tape.

4. Lift the sticker, and start to pull off the carrier from top to bottom.

5. Slowly pull down the carrier halfway.

6. Use something to help you press the sticker to the surface (eg. a plastic card) firmly. If you reached the carrier, pull it off all the way.

7. Remove the painter tape, and slowly pull of the transmitter foil in a ca. 300 degree. (In case the sticker comes off with the transmitter foil it means than the adhesion of the surface is not adequate. In this case you should press it with your hands, so that it will stick properly.)

8. The characters of the sticker sets can be placed on the surface in any layout you wish. In this case, after completing step 1&2, you can easily cut off the characters with scissors. You don’t need to follow the line, only the character will stick on the wall. Slowly pull of the carrier and place the sticker wherever you wish. Firmly slick it a few times, then remove the transmitter foil.