Round concrete handle terrazzo – blue glass

 8,33 /pcs

Concrete handles with high solidity, which make your cabinets modern and stylish. The surface is burnished and is produced with a water-resistant technology.

We mixed concrete with emerald, blue and recycled glass, which gives a special look. Not to mention, that due to the technology, the pattern of the glass is different in each handle – this makes them really unique.

The handles are designed and produced by Anita Boldog, the founder of AB Concrete Design.

Recommended for cabinets, wardrobes, commodes.

With built-in sheath, screw and pads.

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Chemical-free cleaning is recommended with dry or slightly wet wipe. Avoid contact with grease or water, because it can damage the material on a long-term.

How to install

The handles can be installed on a 16-21 mm thick front. If your front is thicker or thinner, you have will need a 4 mm diameter screw with the right length.
The hole drilled on the furniture should be 4-4,5 mm. In case the furniture is already drilled, and the hole is wider than 4-4,5 mm, a pad should be placed to the front.
  • Based on the above, place the handle to the hole on the front. The sheath serves as a spacer, so that you can easily grab the handle. (In case the sheath fits into the hole, the pad should be used, as mentioned above.)
  • Insert the screw from the inside of the front to the sheath


Diagonal: 35 mm

Thickness: 15 mm

The hole drilled on the furniture should be 4-4,5 mm.