Walnut pocket handle- satin

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Walnut wooden handle. Every piece is made with the greatest care, and their surface is well manufactured. We use water-based varnish with silk-gloss finish, which makes the handles resistant enough during it’s usage. Because of the characteristics of wood, each piece is unique, with different grains and shade.

The handles are made by a Hungarian manufacturer, from wood grown in Hungary. When designing the handles, we always keep in mind the ergonomics. That’s what you can see in this model too: thanks to the pocket design, it’s easy to grab, so it is recommended to use on chests of drawers, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe doors.

Thanks to the modern design and wooden material, it looks great in many home interiors, may that be classic or modern.

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Additional information


150 mm, 200 mm


Chemical-free cleaning is recommended with dry or slightly wet wipe.

How to install

The hole drilled on the furniture should be 3,5 – 4 mm. Don’t worry if the furniture is already drilled, and the hole is wider than 3,5-4 mm, because the handle is provided with a wood screw. That will squeeze itself into the handle, and the handle will be fixed on the furniture front, since the whole in the handle is thinner than the crew.

The handles can be installed on a 16-21 mm thick front. If your front is thicker or thinner, you will need a 4 mm diameter wood screw with the right length. Place the handle to the (outside) hole on the front, then carefully twist the wood screw from the inside of the front, until the handle perfectly lays on the front of your furniture.

Advise: we recommend to use a manual screwdriver. In case you would like to use electronic screwdriver, we still recommend to use manual tool on the last few millimeters, to prevent tension in the handle (which may make it break easily).


Length: 150 mm/ 200 mm

Width: 30 mm

Height: 30 mm

Hole spacing: 64-96-128 mm/ 128-160 mm